Sunday, June 21, 2009

Heat Wave "The Silent Killer"

We are obviously in a very warm and dry stretch here in mid-June. No rain since the 1st week in June and a stubborn Ridge of High Pressure quickly evolves into a HEAT WAVE. Many people have called Heat Waves a silent killer because it is not visible; it does not leave piles of wreckage. Who is most susceptible to heat related issues? Elderly persons, small children, chronic invalids, those on certain medications or drugs (especially tranquilizers and anticholinergics), and persons with weight and alcohol problems are particularly susceptible to heat reactions. Here are some possible heat disorders people can experience in Heat Index values between 105-130: Sunstroke, Heat cramps or Heat exhaustion likely, and Heatstroke possible with prolonged exposure and/or physical activity. Most deaths in major heat waves occur in areas farther north than the Pine Belt (like Chicago) where many people don't have Air Conditioning. Most of us here in South Mississippi all have Air Conditioning, but we most use caution when exposed to the heat for an extended amount of time. Drink plenty of water!

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