Saturday, June 27, 2009

The forecast as we see it...

Our forecast this afternoon still deals with a high pressure system. The heat will still continue this week, but the only good news comes with seeing temps drop a few degrees into the mid-90's. This isn't a big change. On Monday a "cold" front will drop down into the Pine Belt to deliver a shot of rainfall, but this might actually take place more so into Sunday afternoon and evening. This will leave Monday with high rain chances south of hwy 98. Then our close relative, High Pressure, will drift back over the Pine Belt by Wednesday, and my forecast reflects clear skies and upper 90's for midweek. The biggest kicker in our weather center is overviewing the tropical situation. Invest 93, as the NWS has labeled the convection, will drift across the Yucatan Strait overnight and enter the Gulf of Mexico on Sunday. Model consensus shows me a split. Some models send the system west into TX and some models send it eastward in FL. This is good news for those of us here in MS. My thoughts currently think the system will turn east and head into FL. I'm still not completely convinced this tropical wave will develop into a Tropical Storm. More will play out in the next 48 hours.

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