Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The muggy days in October

I imagine I'm not the only one checking the calendar to make sure it is really the sixth day in October. Today we are experiencing a very warm outbreak of temperatures in the whole lower mississippi river valley. But I'm interested in much more than just the warm temperatures near 90 degrees, I'm talking more about the dewpoint temperatures of 73 and 74. This results in a relative humidity of 60%, and August is usually the month we have temps in the 90's with 60% humidity. In other words, its muggy outside.

This will be the trend going into the next few days. A cold front will pass to our north within 24 hours, but our heat relief will be minimal. Then another front will push through on Friday, and this is the relief we will be wanting. Temps after Friday will drop into the 70's, but overnight temps will still linger around 60. Not until a 3rd front pushes through early next week will we begin have seasonal overnight lows.

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