Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Rain today and Wednesday-hotter and drier air coming !

Although rain chances are very high today-90-100% and 60% on Wednesday, high pressure is forecast to build in from the east and that will heat us up and dry us out for Thursday into at least the Friday time frame. Actually hot weather is forecast for Saturday as well with only a slight chance for an afternoon shower. High by the end of the week should be in the mid 90s with lows remaining in the 70s. As far as the tropics are concerned, we are still watching a fairly active tropical wave over the northwestern Caribbean Sea this morning. Computer forecast models indicate some development of the system. The same area of high pressure that is forecast to bring hotter and drier weather to the area will also likely push any developing tropical systems to our west-more towards Texas. We will just have to monitor the situation as things can and do often change rapidly in our forecasts. Taking a look at satellite pictures over Africa this morning I can see several tropical waves heading for the Atlantic. I think as we get deeper into the season, we will see more and more of these waves roll off Africas coast and gr0w into some pretty powerful hurricanes ! The season has been forecast to be exceptionally active and I certainly beleive that it will be. Stay tuned ! Rex

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