Friday, October 31, 2008

Very Pleasant..Very Nice

If you are looking for a long and deep weather discussion then you better go look at some station's websites in the Northwest US. Our weather story these next handful of days seems very pleasant and very nice. Our friend, "high pressure system," will sit down to our NE over the next few days and really clear our skies out, which will give us a light breeze from the East. Although Sunday night we will see our dewpoint temps increase a tad which will allow our overnight temps to increase as well.

Our next big weather changer looks to be developing in the NW over the weekend. By Monday/Tuesday a well definied trough will be digging across the Rockies, and our impact from this trough should be around Thursday and little into Friday. We are still pretty far out to talk seriously on the timing of this trough, and even the depth of the trough into our region seems very early to nail down anything solid. A few models have shown me only a light shower event, but I must still be aware of the possibility for more of a moderate rainfall event. The one thing we must remember as we enter into the "cool months" is the amount of energy we need for uplift (rain) events. We experience more stable atmospheres in the winter months so we need more vertical uplift and vorticity to to spur on credible rain forecast. All this can be compared to the summer, when our incredible unstable atmosphere only needs a little vorticity and UVVs to create a rain event.

Enjoy your weekend! Be sure to enjoy the beautiful clear nights!

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