Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cold Inaguration Day

Today's High temperature will be about 15 degrees below our normal high for this time of year, but things are set to change. I am agreeing with model consensus with a nice warm return flow starting Wednesday night, which will setup for a warmer Thursday and Friday. Although models are agreeing on our forecast 3 to 4 days out, most meteorologist have slight disagreements on this weekends forecast. I expect a cold front to move through late Friday night and into Saturday morning, but how cold will the front be? As I look at all of my data today I'm expecting our weekend forecast to be in the 50's with a few showers on Saturday. Sunday will be a little drier, but I must keep a slight chance of showers in the forecast. One thing I see is a small warming trend in the long term forecast. Climate Prediction of the North Atlantic Oscillation details a more "neutral" climate conditions as we transition into February. Enjoy this cold day as we might not see these cold temps for a long time. -Tanner Cade

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