Sunday, January 11, 2009

What season is it? Winter, of course

We have finally experienced a cold day and a 7 day forecast that reflects the season we are in. Days like today and this upcoming week's forecast are a prime example of why I am in this career. I love meteorology because every day is a different day, every season is a different season, and every sunset in south mississippi is unique. The bite of the cold winter temps is a nice pace-changer to experience this time of year, and we will definitely get two re-enforcing shots of cold air this week. Now keep in mind our temperature forecast reflects climatology as we normally see our coldest days in the 2nd and 3rd weeks in January. Tuesday a 1030mb High will sink the coldest blast of canadian air into South Mississippi this season. But, not to be out done, Thursday a 1042mb High will barrel down in Mississippi which should be an even cold shot of air. Friday morning surface temps will be a very chilly -4C to -8C temps, which translates into a Fahrenheit temps in the Upper Teens and Lower 20's. Please stay tuned to my forecast tonight at 10pm as I will expand on our cold forecast. Have a wonderful evening! -Tanner Cade

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