Sunday, April 26, 2009

Active in the Plains...Where's the rain?

[Sunday] Amazing! This afternoon there are currently portions of 7 states under a tornado watch right now. Thankfully, our faithful high pressure system is delivering a lot of beautiful weather for our portion of the country. We have been warmer than normal since Wednesday, which I hope you have been able to take advantage by spending time outdoors. Things look to be changing a tad this week with a trough trying to creep into Mississippi and provide some showers, but the majority of the wet weather still seems to be NW of us. Central MS might see some rain on Monday, but we might squeeze through the day without seeing any rain. The chances for rain on Monday are less the 20%, but I wouldn't be surprised to see some folks to a shower or two. Most models have pushed back the rain chances for the midweek and left us with a front moving through on Friday. Thanks for reading! -Tanner

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