Saturday, August 8, 2009

Another Pacific Storm. What's up Atlantic?

Clockwise flow produced by the strong High over Georgia has our convection moving in a northwest direction from the Gulf. This is unusually when we usually see showers moving west to east. As for the High, I expect the system to remain to our east into the extended forecast (5 days out).

Tonight I'm spending some time looking over the tropics. What is happening? Of course the Pacific has been active this year, including the current Hurricane, Felicia. The Satelliste Loop on Felicia is very symmetric as it is churning west towards Hawaii. Pacific storms won't touch us here in the Atlantic so what is happening in the Atlantic? Well my eyes are caught by a large convetion along the 20 degree west longitude line off the coast of Africa. This system looks to be in an area where development could incur in the near future, but it is very far away at this point. Another spot is found near the 55degree west longitudinal line. The overall look is less impressive, but I'll still be keeping an eye on it.

My overall thoughts of the tropics at this time seems to think something could develop in the next couple weeks. I'm not confident the development will effect the U.S., but I will be inclined to think the Atlantic will spurn a Named storm in the next 3 weeks. Like many of the models, most Mets (meteorologist) are wanting to forecast a tropical development between August 15 and Sept1. Here in the WDAM Weather center, we'll have to wait and be patient with every day's analysis. Take Care!

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