Monday, August 31, 2009

A glimpse into September

It's turned into a beautiful day here in the Leaf River Valley. The fog/clouds have dissipated this morning to deliver Mostly Sunny conditions for the remainder of the day. High pressure in the Ohio River Valley is contributing to the drier and cooler air now in place. The dry air will definitely radiate it's energy tonight so temps will drop into the 50's for much of the area, and, yes, the first day of September will have a "cool" start.

What to expect in September? The month looks to be starting off on the dry side and slightly below normal in temperature. Remember, September is the 3rd driest month of the year behind October, first, and June, second. A quick look at Climate Prediction Center depicts an "equal" (or average) month to come, but if we were to swing on one side of the fence I would jump on the below normal side. The unfortunate forecast doesn't depict a major precipitation month, which will further increase our abnormal drought conditions across the area.

It also looks like we might be missing our shot at gaining rain from a tropical system, which is probably a relief to many. The main benefit from a tropical system is the deliverance of rain to help drought conditions, but we might be on our way to another rain deficit year again.

Tomorrow I'll have a wrap on the unpredictable August of 2009.

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