Sunday, August 23, 2009

Notes to Remember

Wonderful day again for this Sunday! I hope you were able to enjoy the weather. Unfortunately I was unable to bring my desk outside this afternoon while I made my forecast.

A couple points I want to make:

1)Moisture will begin to return Wednesday when a Low forms over the Arkansas Ozarks
2)The Low will bring us a better chance of showers on Friday/Saturday
3)The tropics will seem to only have a few weeks left for any activity. Why? The MJO forecast that tracks the tropics shows a major decrease in rising air in the mid-Atlantic, which helps produce cyclones. This doesn't mean anything can't form after mid-September, but the odds become even lower. Now we are watching to see if the Atlantic takes advantage of the "limited" time.
4)A tropical depression might for mid-week an impact the Carolinas. We'll be keeping an eye on this developing Wednesday.

Have a good week!

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