Thursday, December 3, 2009

A snow forecast to remember...more snow info.

I don't think we will forget the National Weather Service's updated "Snow Accumulation Probability" map listed through 6am Saturday. The NWS shows a 10% probability line running through Hattiesburg, McComb, Baton Rouge, and East Texas. This 10% isn't just for a snow forecast, but is the percentage that this area could see at least 4 inches of snow accumulation. I highly doubt seeing 4" of snow in the Pine Belt Friday night, but it's incredible to make note of this opportunity on December 5.

With cold arctic air moving south and a Low forming in the Gulf, this is the prime ingredients for a good snow fall in South Mississippi. After 6pm Friday our atmosphere above the ground will be below freezing up through the, moisture rich, snow growth region near 14,000 feet above the ground. Snow fall in South Mississippi is likely from 9pm Friday through 6am Saturday. I expect the roadways to quickly melt the frozen precipitation because the soil temperature is well above freezing right now.

The biggest issue is location. This snow event will form a line across the region, and my best guess has the line running perpendicular to Highway 49 in a SW to NE tangent. The center of this line could be anywhere between Mendenhall and Beaumont.

How much snow? Most will only see near an inch, but isolated locations within the snow line could see near 2 inches (plus some). This means most will see enough to cover vegetation (grass, plants, trees, etc.).

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