Saturday, December 5, 2009

Snow Totals and Discussion

Snow Total estimates from the area:

Mt. Olive: 5.0"
Hattiesburg: 2.5"
Laurel: 2.3"
Bassfield: 2.0"
Braxton: 2.0"
Columbia: 2.0"
Moselle: 2.0"
Prentiss: 2.0"
Seminary: 2.0"
Forest: 1.5"
Morton: 1.0"
Heidelberg: 0.5"
Pachuta: 0.4"
The average for the area was about 2.0", but Mt. Olive clearly is the maximum snow fall estimated total at this time from the National Weather Service co-op observer.

Tonight looks like a record cold temperature will be set. Low tonight will fall quickly into the lower 20s and break the old record of 28. This cold night will also do a number on vegetation because a hard freeze will easily kill most plants. If you want to save some plants, then make sure to cover them with a clear bag, but you might still damage since we are already below freezing.

Our forecast for the next several days will now begin to experience a more normal weather pattern. Temperatures will be back to normal with highs in the 60's and lows near 40. Monday should deliver some light showers along a warm front, and Tuesday could incorporate some storms as a cold front passes through. The extended forecast for the end of the week looks "mild" and right on climatology.

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