Sunday, December 13, 2009

Wow! Pascagoula 6.86"

Yesterday and last night was a memorable affair. Nearly another inch fell last night with thunder and lightning embedded in the rain, and this was adding to the nearly 2.50"+ we had already received.

The radar is finally clear of any rain for the remainder of the day, but check out these area rain totals:

Pascagoula: 6.86"
Mobile, AL: 5.53"
New Orleans, LA: 5.45"
Gulfport: 4.82"
HBG: 3.71"
Slidell, LA: 3.46"
PIB: 3.10"
Columbia: 3.09"
Collins: 3.00"
Sumrall: 2.86"
McComb: 2.85"
Prentiss: 2.85"
Mize: 1.89"

Rain will come back into play going into Monday afternoon's forecast, which could easily give us another inch or two.

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