Saturday, December 27, 2008

5-Point Discussion

We have a lot to discuss...lets get down to it. First of all, temps right now are ridiculous. Our low last night was 68. Jackson has already blown it's record high by 3 degrees (they're at 80 now), but I'm pretty sure our temp of 77 is still shy of a record. It's December 27th folks! Second, will we have severe weather tonight? I highly doubt we see any severe activity with tonights frontal passage. Most of the true dynamics and severe indices will follow the Northeastward moving Low through Memphis and the Ohio River Valley. I expect to see light to moderate rain here in the Pine Belt in the middle of the night, and we might have some stray showers bounce through South Mississippi Sunday night. Third, temps will become more mild to start our work week as the National Weather scene becomes more zonal (or no major troughs or ridges). Fourth, when will we see rain again? I expect another disturbance by the end of the week. This means we could see some light showers on New Years Day and into Friday. This will be due to a strong Polar cold front dipping south through the center of the country. Fifth, when will we see cold temps again? I have good news if you like colder temperatures. My long range models point towards colder temps as we move into January. The North Atlantic Oscillation and Artic Oscillation both show the capability of cold air seeping into the Eastern Corridor of the Country. The Artic Oscillation shows a rapid negative trend which will allow the cold air to enter into our region. Okay those were the five points I was itching to discuss with you about. Now you will have to watch my 6pm and 10pm newscast for even more information on your local Pine Belt Forecast. Have a good night! -Tanner Cade

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