Saturday, December 13, 2008

Warm Week ahead

After just compiling my forecast for the next few days I have a few things in mind for our near future. First, the next few days will be relatively warm for this time of year. High temps will be jumping into the 70's, which is about 10° above our average for this time of year. But do you remember earlier when I talked about a cooler than normal start of winter? Well even though we will have warm temps this week, several forecast models still show a cool week as we start the first full week of the winter season. What does this mean? Well I expect to see a short trend of warm temps this week, but next week I do expect to find us back to normal or a degree below normal. My next thoughts focus on possibly another wet week for us. I'm not expecting large rain totals within the next 7 days, but I am expecting a healthy dose of clouds and light precip. Any precip we get will continue to define this month as a wet one. So far we have already accumulated 2.66" here in South Jones County, but I do realize other isolated areas could easily be over 3" for the month so far. Stay tuned to my live weathercast tonight at 6 and 10 for a better picture of our upcoming weather. Thanks for reading and watching your WDAM Weather Team!

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