Friday, March 27, 2009

A Rocky Friday Night...(Updated)

(Update 2:20pm Friday) It looks like the squall line will pass over the Pine Belt between 1:00am- 5:00am. However supercells may form ahead of the squall line.

(11:20am Friday) Alright folks, since Wednesday we have already made it through 3 rounds of heavy rain and storms...and unfortunately round 4 looks like it will be a tough one. Set aside the isolated flooding problems, which are the obvious concern. Tonight (Friday) some of us are under a moderate risk for severe weather, while the rest of us are under a slight risk for severe weather. This means that our chance for

Strong winds =40%,
Hail = 30%
Tornadoes = 10%

If you look on a radar right now at Texas and Oklahoma, you'll see some bad weather coming together. Combine that with an unstable air mass that sits on top of us and parts of Louisiana and that makes the right ingredients for some severe weather.

As we have been doing all week, we will be in the weather office covering this storm. For those of you that would like some constant information, we will also have our weather office web camera on tonight. I will be updating this blog as much as possible and you can follow myself as well as the weather office on twitter. Twitter can be set up for text messages if you choose.

See ya tonight,

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