Tuesday, August 12, 2008

8/12 Day Wrap-Up

With still one more line of storms making it's way across South Mississippi, we have had a very active weather day in the Magnolia State. Let's start with looking at the rain totals by 10pm:

WDAM: 1.26"
PIB: 1.20"
Bobby L Chain: 0.52"
John E. Lewis Field (Pike County): 1.06"
Meridian, Key Field: 1.71"
Jackson International: 2.27"

Some huge totals were found in the Delta... Mayersville, MS 5.89"...Chatham, MS 3.48"...even Eudora, AR 5.83" (Although I must remember these totals are not quality controlled) But incredible no doubt! And we still have one more line to move through later on tonight!

As for the tornado warnings earlier, thank goodness we didn't not see a confirmed tornado. As we tracked the storms across the state today. The only storm reports we have seen involve trees blown over from the isolated strong wind. I know Petal lost power for a couple hours today due to a tree falling on a power line.

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