Saturday, August 16, 2008

Tropical Talk: Fay 2

Hurricane Hunter Aircraft has returned from their late-evening trip.
Winds have gone down a tad to 45mph, but the most recent satellite image shows better organization. Fay has slowed a bit in it's westward movement, but the next 24 hours should result in strengthening while moving more NW.

Breaking down the models:
NOGAPS and BAMD are the only two models forecasting a Western Panhandle landfall, and CMC is the only model forecasting a landfall on the Southern most tip of Florida near Miami. The rest of the models forecast landfall near Tampa.

My thoughts:
Still a very tough forecast. I am definitely curious about the next 24 hours and how things play out. My forecast right now would call for landfall just north of Tampa in the Florida Bend. Stay tuned tomorrow because I will put into consideration the new developments.

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